Safe drugs

Drugs considered safe for use in the acute porphyrias in alphabetical order

This list is based on information from publications, other drug lists and clinical data reported to porphyria centres.
Inclusion of a drug does not guarantee that it will be safe in all circumstances.

If your drug is on this list it is considered safe.
If the drug is not on either the unsafe or recommanded lists :
     - select an alternative from this list or click here for list by therapeutic class
     - consult the guidelines for common prescribing problems
     - if neither of the above is helpful, seek further advice on the porphyria drug data base.

A (27) B (9) C (27) D (19) E (7) F (13) G (11) H (5) I (8) K (1) L (13) M (21) N (9) O (8) P (20) Q (2) R (5) S (10) T (12) U (1) V (7) W (1) Z (4)