minutes from the 2018 EPNET General Assembly

The General Assembly meeting of the EPNET Association took place in Rotterdam, the 26 october 2018.

The President of the Interim Executive Board, Jean- Charles Deybach welcomed the members of EPNET to the first General Assembly Meeting of EPNET. Out of 23 Full members, 15 were represented at the GA meeting. The history of EPNET and the formation of the EPNET Association was presented.

The statutes and bylaws were presented by Sverre Sandberg. A report of present members to EPNET was presented as well as definition of different types of membership. There are 23 Full members, 29 Associate Members out of which six are Patient organizations. EPNET has five Corporate members.

The interim treasurer Janneke Langendonk presented the financial report for 2018 by EPNET. The report had been reviewed by two external reviewers; Felicity Stewart from Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust, Salford, UK and Ylva Floderus from the Swedish Porphria Centre, Stockholm Sweden. The full report had been distributed to all Full members of EPNET before the meeting. Janneke Langendonk asked for formal approval for the balance sheet.
The GA approved the accounts for 2018.

Mike Badminton presented the EPNET Working Groups and suggested prioritized areas. List for members of EPNET to assign to the suggested Work Groups were provided.

The voting procedure for board members was presented by Sverre Sandberg. 15 Full members attended the meeting and two centres voted by proxy.

All candidates CVs had before the meeting been circulated to all Full members.
Sverre Sandberg was unanimously elected President of EPNET.
Eliane Sardh was unanimously elected Secretary of EPNET.
Janneke Langendonk was was unanimously elected Treasures of EPNET.

Sverre Sandberg concluded the meeting and closed the first GA meeting of EPNET Association.

Here is the link to download the minutes of this General Assembly (pdf file).